Sunday, August 30, 2009

In the beginning...

This is the first of what I hope will be a plethera of posts about our growing family. I invite you to drop in every once in awhile and see what we are up to.
At the moment our 4 year old son (Jackson) is off to dreamland after a long day on the road with his "Daddy Cory". That's his loving nickname for me. I asked him to please call me Zeus... Lord of all Step-Dads, but it didn't stick. What can I do? He had a long day while his Momma, my beautiful wife Meredith (you will hear about her quite a bit) took in a day of resting as she is mere hours, minutes or moments away from giving birth to the newest member of our clan, Pryce Lucille Bowler. That name comes with a story that I will have to share later. That's right this blog comes filled with promotions to future stories. I can't help it, that's what I do for a living. Don't judge.
Now, back to our tale... Jackson and I spent the day together while Mert and her mother restlessly tackled what they promise to be the finishing touches on Pryce's room. Just for the record... THEY ARE LYING. This is a project that has no end. By the way, that is what Mert considers a "day of rest". Not my idea of relaxation, but there's no getting through to her on this issue.
Once Jackson and I returned from our guys day out we all began cooking as a family and I am proud to report Jackson officially became my shadow. He grilled outside with me, helped me set the table and would not hear of Mert doing anything for him. She volunteered to give him a bath to which he replied. "No Momma, you stay here, Daddy Cory will give me a bath". Lucky me. LOL!! It was totally worth it to see him wanting more guy time while Mert stood by rolling her eyes, but in a good way. It was definitely a good day.
Next we had to pack our overnight bags for the hospital visit just in case Pryce decides to make her World Debut in the coming days. It's amazing what all you need for 2 days away from home. Camera... check. Pajamas... check. Toiletries... check. Every snack in the cupboard... Don't judge us.
So that was today. Look, I never said this would be exciting it's just a nice way for us to keep some of those memories that get lost over the years and possibly give our kids something to scoff at in the future. (Kids, if you're reading this.... I told you so. And it only gets worse). Hopefully you will enjoy our entries, maybe get a laugh, pass along any well wishes or just keep tabs on how bloated I may or may not be getting. Again, as a running theme DON'T JUDGE!
And please keep your concerns or criticisms to yourself. We've got enough to worry about. LOL!!!! But seriously.