Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pryce Points...

Here is what I have learned about our little baby Pryce so far.... This little girl loves to sleep. Sadly her favorite time for this activity is during the day. I have not seen this much sleeping from a person since I had roommates during my college years.

The only thing she loves more than sleeping is eating. For such a little bitty girl she can really put away some chow. I'm sure someday she will hate that I just said that, but seriously.

She eats just like her Daddy. There is alot of noise made (which is the cutest thing ever), she leaves a big mess and immediately after her meal she passes out. Sometimes she nods off while eating. Plus do you know where the food comes from? Yeah, freaking sweet!
Here's a little something extra for ya', she usually lets out a big yelp followed by a satisfied smirk while she is... how should I say this... having a moment.
Oh and when Mert gives her a little required medicine, she lays in her arms afterwards with this look on her face that screams... "Oh no you didn't". It's hilarious because she keeps that expression for a good 10 minutes.
I swear it's like having a little drunk with us at all times with the sleeping, the puking, and the random hiccups. Of course it does come without the annoying slurred babble about how she misses us or how she just loves everyone.
Now I have to admit that I am still bad about loud talking, turning up the t.v. and generally being oblivious to the fact that at any time our little girl could be sleeping. Meredith is like a highlight reel of "Shhh.", "Turn it down.", "Does it have to be so loud?", "You're a bear". Look, I likes my shows with a little bass... sue me. Maybe I'm just jealous because Pryce is living my dream.
In the end we are still getting used to the sleep schedule and I'm sure things will get crazy when I return to work. All in all we are enjoying every minute of getting to know our precious little Pryce.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jackson's Daddy Days

Well it has been one week since Pryce was born. What a difference she has made in our lives. We have hardly even left this house since we brought her home from the hospital. It has been time that we would never trade in. Just being all together and celebrating our new family has been AMAZING!

Grammie stayed with us all week and we could not have made it without her. We have had friends from church and KLTV bringing us dinners regularly. Mimi and Duke have been making constant house calls and not because they want to see Pryce and Jackson's parents... It has all been such a blessing.

Now we are gearing up for what's to come. Next week we are on our own. I will be home taking care of things for Mert while she is taking care of the baby. That means Jackson is in BIG TROUBLE! Having Dad at home epitomizes the 80/20 rule of business. It is 20% fun and 80% total freaking nightmare. Believe me, I remember.

His wake up call will go from "Good morning Angel Puff" to "Get your butt out of bed". Bath time will be cut by a good 20 minutes. So instead of the Custom service job you get on your car, he willl be getting the Gas station express wash. Hey, that comes with a 30 second dryer so I don't want to hear any guff. He will get his fill of Lunchables this week and he will definitely see much less of the inside of Big Lots, Marshalls and Target. Like ZERO!

Sounds harsh right? Well keep in mind he will also be reminded that he is my main man. While our time together will be different than what he gets with Mom it will still be filled with love. He will get his chance (that he asks for all the time) for me to take him into school and pick him up. He will do some chores with me and help his Mom and his little sister. He will find out that Pryce's arrival does not equal his departure from our hearts. I'm sure this transition has been a little confusing for him (it's challenging for his parents), but we are in this thing together. I look forward to this week so Mert and I can find a groove. More than that, I am excited to get some time with Jackson that I am confident will take our relationship to the next level. So here's to us Buddy. I hope it means as much to you as it will to me.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Awakening

You know how you hear all the time that the birth of your child will change your life? I was the guy who always heard the words, but I wasn't really listening (I guess my skepticism is almost as powerful as my cynicism... whatever). People try to tell you how it feels and after Mert told me she was pregnant I thought I understood. I didn't.

It is much more clear to me now that there is the Cory before Pryce and the me today. I lost a layer of that hard shell that believes the world is mostly something to joke about. I witnessed what GOD is capable of and it impacted me deeply. Jackson gave me the first taste of this feeling, but I was not lucky enough to see him being born. That experience is the birth of more than a child, it's an awakening. It's a life moment that will forever be with me. I stood by my wife's side not knowing what to expect and what I got was this overwhelming feeling of peace. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a meticulous planner. I like organization and solving problems. I am somewhat obsessed with my work. All of which can make me seem a little stressed. Shut Up! But in that moment nothing else was on my mind. I wasn't worried about making enough money or the politics of work or what we were going to do next. I was just thinking my GOD, this is bar none the greatest thing I have ever done.

Me and Meredith are deeply in love and our relationship is something I never thought I would experience, but seeing what we had created from that love made it monumentally bigger.
For the last few nights I have sat by watching Meredith hold Pryce and seeing Jackson desperately want to help his little sister and my heart has swelled.

Believe me I am not an emotional kind of guy, or at least I wasn't, but this little girl has opened my eyes. Now when she is in my arms I just want to tell her about it. She has no idea how much her Daddy loves her. Add that to the endless list of our family members who are gushing over her and I'm sure she is getting some clue. I won't be able to express it to her or Jackson until they have their own kids, but one day I hope they can read this and try to understand that they are the reason for mine and Mert's everything.

In short Jackson and Pryce, you are My Awakening. Thank you for that.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pryce's Debut

Well today is officially the GREATEST DAY EVER!!!! Finally our little girl has made her way into the world. We are surrounded by family and responding to so many well wishes. It has been very special. The most amazing thing of all is to see that little girl make eye contact with you. I wonder so much what she is thinking... "who the heck are you people" or "will you please just let me sleep" or "more pictures please". More than likely coming from Mert and myself it is mostly the latter.

It is AWESOME to see Jackson take on his role as BIG BROTHER. He wants to hold Pryce and kiss on her. For the gals it is "the cutest thing ever". It makes me swell up with pride knowing that Daddy's Duo will always be there for each other.

Here's how it happened... We were all sitting in the living room watching Horton Hears a Who. I was on-line and Mert was reading some rag magazine when suddenly she adjusted her body and BOOM! Meredith alerted me "Uh, baby" I looked over and the excitement set in, "Oh my GOD you're water broke". We frantically began moving about, Mert got in the tub as she continued flowing. I was making calls and gathering our bags. Mimi and Duke arrived just in time to stop Mert from putting on her make-up and insisting that we go to the hospital. Once we got there it was a mad dash to the room where Mert began contracting and it got really intense. Then a Doctor walked in surrounded by a bright light and wings. He held the magic that would change our night forever... THE EPIDURAL!!!! After that things began to settle down and we all just sat around visiting. Grammie had burned up the road and made it here in record time. Mimi was helping Mert get comfortable while Aunt Alie and I sarcastically ate in front of Mert while she could not. LOL!!!! Then in a "matter of fact" kind of way the nurse comes in and does a little checking before announcing "you're a 10". And so it began. It seemed like a flash and before we knew it our little baby Pryce had made her debut and September 12th became the day we will never forget.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hopes Squandered

What a devastating evening. Between Pryce delaying the inevitable, the little Georgia girl blowing it in the U.S.Open and President Obama's entire Healthcare plan it has been a bummer of a night. I mean seriously.
Luckily it was not a complete loss, Pryce's Mommy put together her brand new rocker without any help. She decided it was her mission to get this thing built tonight on her own. So being the loving husband that I am I sat by quietly with a bowl of ice cream, both animals and the remote in hand without making a peep. She is soooo lucky to have me. That's right ladies, get in line... I'm taken.
Of course I did find time to entertain Jackson and get his teeth brushed and his business taken care of before bedtime, so I am not a complete bump on a log.
Wait until you see this Rocker. It lights up and plays music. Any pothead in town would gladly sit and watch this thing for hours so imagine what a baby will think. LOL!!!! Seriously, it is very cool. Meredith says it is the cutest thing she has ever seen in her life (excluding me I'm sure).
But getting to the giant elephant in the room... NO, Pryce is not here yet you bunch of crazy Baby Papparazzi freaks. We are trying over here, but this little girl is taking her time. I think I know where she gets that (hmm, hmm Mert). So we will continue to wait, but believe everyday she keeps us is more time she will spend saying "you never let me do anything" "why can't I get a car", "all my friends have cell phones". Well Pryce, you should have thought of that while you were hanging out in the womb. WUUHAHAHAHA, parents always win!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pryce's Punishment

I am really trying to be patient here, but it's so difficult because we absolutely cannot wait to meet little Miss Pryce. She has been bouncing around in Mommy's tummy like nobody's business. We have fed her spicy foods, taken her on long walks, even tried some bedroom baby inducing, but nothing. This little girl is going to be a hand-full. In fact, her Mimi said it best, Pryce is going to be a "pistol". I agree.
We just have to trust that the Lord knows best. He knows when we will all be ready to meet. It's going to be such a great moment that the build up is well worth it. We are excited that Jackson is back home so he can definitely be there when his little sister joins the family. He has been doing such a great job preparing for his Big brother role that it would not be complete without him there. Little does he know his return has catapulted him directly into the Bowler Family Trap which is a merciless torture chamber of excitement and disappointment layered under meals and sugar filled snacks. Isn't that what killed John Candy? Hopefully not.
Anyways, rest easy everyone as soon as Pryce starts making her dissent into the world we will send out and APB letting you know. Until then, find a comfortable seat in the Baby Bowler waiting room... it could be a long ride.
By the way, when Pryce gets here, she's grounded!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Waiting Game

Well it has been a couple of days, but I have a good excuse. I was surviving a near death experience. OK, that's a little dramatic... but I did have a nasty head cold.
It is finally passing so I can concentrate on what's important, when will Pryce arrive?
I mean seriously, this kid is all ready proving that she is going to be stubborn, difficult and always keeping me waiting. Like Mother like daughter, I guess.
It is officially week 38 and we are getting impatient. i know she has 2 weeks left, but that is clearly not the point. Tonight Jackson began begging her to come out and play. It was Hi-larious. He was poking at Mert's belly button and saying "Pryce, come out". I will pause for the in unison "AWWWWWW" from the ladies......... so predictable.
Well, we will keep waiting. I only ask that each of you keep thinking good thoughts about our little baby girl's arrival. Until next time...