Friday, May 14, 2010

Catch All... My bad!

Well I have been doing a lousy job of keeping you all updated. My apologies. Things have been CRAZY! To make up for it I am posting a 90 day update. For that I am also sorry. The good news is there is much to report. Here goes...
Since moving into our new home Pryce and Jackson have come a long way. Baby girl is now going to bed on her own withour Mommy rocking her and she does GREAT! That was a BIG step. Mert has been doing such a good job of following her instincts with the next steps for Pryce. Sadly that meant that it was time for Pryce to stop breast feeding which was torture for her Mother. I, of course, was not as emotional but tried to be there as Mert weened her off the booby. I am very proud of both of them. Pryce is getting to be a BIG girl soooo fast.

Jackson has started his athletic career with Blastball!! It is so much FUN to watch him get out there and play ball.
We practice in the back yard all the time.
If you can make it to a game we would love to have you.

We hosted our first annual Derby Party at the house and it was a HUGE hit. We had plenty of food and festivities, we played horse shoes and even bet on the race. Too bad a 12 year old kid tokk everyone's money. Little turd. It was amazing though because he won the Trifecta straight up. In other words he got 1st, 2nd and third exactly right.
I still cry myself to sleep thinking about it.
We really think this will continue after the response we got. Hope you can make it next year.

After that Mert was in her best friend's wedding. Wendy and Jessie tied the knot last weekend. Welcome to no longer having an opinion pal. LOL!!!

We had a great time despite the fact that Mother Nature treated me like a punching bag, unleashing allergy HELL all over me. She SUCKS! Regardless we managed to enjoy the evening. Mert looked beautiful next to her BIG FAT date. Whatever, don't judge.

All in all it has been an AMZING few months. I pledge to do a bettert job of blogging so that our kids can read up on what is happening in our lives as they grow up. Thanks to all for hanging in there with me. We have plenty more pics on Facebook so stop by and check them all out.
being a husband and Father is the best gift God has ever given me. I hope to keep these memories forever. More to come... stay tuned.