Saturday, March 6, 2010

Better late than never...

Well it's been way too long since my last post. In the past month so much has been going on. Pryce is almost 6 months old and she is showing signs of her parents personalities. We have quickly discovered that she greatly enjoys being the center of attention. No idea where that comes from???
Meredith recently attended a baby shower and as she stood in the back Pryce cried and cried. Once she was placed in the middle of the action... BOOM, she felt right at home. Mert just laughed exclaiming that's my little girl. Of course I am nothing like that so she must get it from her Momma.
Our little girl is growing so fast it's incredible. She just coos all the time and will stop everything to watch her BIG brother. The other night we were all in his room and he started jumping on me, well that made baby sister laugh out loud over and over. She is mesmerized by Jackson. He dotes on her going through every single toy in his room to see if it will make her smile. We'll say "Jackson she's got plenty of toys", but he points his finger saying "No she doesn't, here you go baby sister" Absolutely AWESOME!
We are getting more and more settled in our new home. Thank GOD for tax returns (and family). I mean seriously. LOL! Recently my folks made a special trip to the Bowler Ranch to celebrate the births of 2 of this world's most wonderful people... Meredith and yours truly. It was an amazing day. We had been bombarded with foul weather for weeks, but the sky opened up and we were able to cook out (on our new grill from Papaw and Nanna), play tee-ball with Jackson, smother Pryce with kisses and just hang out like a family. Mom and Mel stocked our fridge while Dad and Kelley surprised us with a beautiful new patio set. Incredible. Then we all gathered around for some cake and a few laughs. I told Mert she was riding my birthday coat-tails, but really we were both reaping the rewards of the grandparents needing to spend some time with the kids... I'll take it!
I am excited to say I have started my new job selling advertising and it is going GREAT! My new boss gave me a public pat on the back while telling my peers that I had turned in the best first week stats she has ever seen. Flattering, but mostly it just added more pressure. I'm excited though. Finally I can get out of my work exactly what I put into it. SWEEEEEET!!!
It has been a rocky few weeks with all of us transitioning, but these are the things that make a family stronger...or it will just drive us to drink. Either way our kids will need therapy, and isn't that what it's all about. Stay tuned. More to come from the Bowler's.