Sunday, January 24, 2010

Home is definitely where the Heart is...

Well after months of searching, then more time closing and finally more time renovating I am proud to say we are settling in to our first Bowler family house. We have made a home everywhere we have been, but this is much different. We are finally property owners. I know, I know we're getting all growed up right before your eyes.
It's amazing what marriage and kids do to you. I was comparing myself to the "Family Man" earlier this week. My entire life was solely dedicated to advancing my career and being a "huge success", but I had no idea what I was missing.
While I still want those things, it is no longer what gets me up in the morning.
Now I want to jump out of bed to provide for my family rather than impress corporate. Now I want to spend my weekends finding fun for the kids instead of counting down to Monday. It's been a complete 180 over the past few years, and here we are... settled and very happy.
I heard a saying that "you spend your life thinking about what you want to do until you reach that moment when you discover what you are meant to do".
Standing beside Meredith, raising Jackson and Pryce, enjoying our new home and taking on whatever comes next solidifies that sentiment for me.


  1. So true and very well said..This is why I am so proud of you !!! and your beautiful family...I love you all withall of my heart and more...much more .. :)

  2. I cannot even tell you how happy I am at this moment in time. You, our children, our home...perfect! I love you so much and can't imagine my life without you in it! Thank you for being the love of my lifetime.