Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Father's Day to Remember

Happy Father's Day... It's something I've said for years, but it's AMAZING the amount of pride it feels you with when you're on the other side. Our little boy will turn 5 in 2 weeks and our baby girl is now 9 months old, just seconds away from walking. It is truly a blessing. Of course sometimes you forget how awesome it is when you are disciplining a rowdy young boy and worrying about the safety of a little baby, but today I actually had a "moment". That's a big deal for me to say, just ask my wife. I was driving home from a quick errand and a DJ on the radio said to all the Dad's out there have a great day tomorrow... and it really hit me. I'm a FATHER! People actually say to the words "Happy Father's Day" to me. Crazy.
I work my tail off everyday to make sure we are OK and the joy sometimes gets lost. But I am Dad to these kids and the leader of this family. Right now it's mostly about playing with Jackson and changing little Pryce, but someday soon it will be much more about setting an example. I will be passing down the lessons I've learned, having those little talks that last a lifetime and setting the stage for my children's future. That is Dad's work. I have taken so much in my life from some great minds and I have been in a position to lead other people, but nothing is as important as the time I will spend with these kids and their mother.
It's fun to think that Father's Day is all about getting to do whatever you choose or getting a cool new tie (LOL)... but the reality is that it's about embracing that JOY that is so easy to overlook day to day. So "Happy Father's Day" has finally set in. Now it takes on a whole new meaning. It's not about celebrating me, it's about celebrating us, this family. That makes me the proudest Father there is... That being said, next year I am definitely going golfing. LOL!!!

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  1. I knew all along it would finally hit you and all I have to say is you are a great father and I am very proud when I watch how you treat your children.You can tell how much you love them both and your beautiful wife.I am so glad I was blessed with a wonderful son !!!